Associate Professor Julia Brotherton

  1. Invited speaker, ALM-Ready, Set, Go: A New Era in Cervical Cancer
    Prevention for Australian GPs. Australian Medical Review Centre, Sydney. 9th Feb 2018.
  2. Attendee, symposium ‘Indigenous people and cancer: a shared agenda for Aotearoa, Australia, and Pacific nations’. University of Otago, Wellington, New Zealand 19-20 Feb 2018.
  3. Invited speaker, “Global perspectives on HPV prophylactic vaccines”. Memorial Symposium on Women’s Health Medicine, Sapporo, Japan. Feb 24th, 2018.
  4. Invited speaker, Nurse Immuniser Support Group meeting, Melbourne, 1 March 2018
  5. Invited speaker, Meet the Expert session. Society for Colposcopy & Cervical Pathology of Singapore. Singapore, 8 March 2018.
  6. Invited speaker, The First International R.O.S.E HPV conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 10 March 2018 ( 3 invited presentations)
  7. Invited speaker, Moving ahead: The National Cervical Screening Program Renewal. Queensland Health. 17thMarch, 2018. Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
  8. Invited speaker, ALM-Ready, Set, Go: A New Era in Cervical Cancer
    Prevention for Australian GPs. Australian Medical Review Centre, Sydney. 23rd March 2018.
  9. Invited speaker, Precision Prevention and Tailored Screening Symposium, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Melbourne, 26 April 2018.
  10. Invited speaker, 25 year anniversary symposium of the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit, University of Sydney, May 13, 2018.
  11. Invited speaker, The 59th Annual Spring Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology, Sapporo, Japan, Jun 1-3 2018.
  12. 16th PHAA National Immunisation Conference, Adelaide, June 5-7th , 2018. Plenary chair, poster judger and presented poster.
  13. Invited participant, Medical Research Future Fund National Consultation Global Health and Security Research Roundtable, 31 July 2018, The Langham, Melbourne.
  14. Invited speaker, APEC Roundtable on HPV & Cervical Cancer, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, 13 August 2018.
  15. Roundtable: Shaping the future – Indigenous people and cancer, Sydney, Tuesday 11 -12 September 2018. Organized by Menzies School of Health Research.
  16. Invited speaker, Clinical Vaccinology Update, Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre, Melbourne, 14 September 2018.
  17. Invited speaker, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) 2018 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Health Meeting, Adelaide, 15-16 September 2018.
  18. Invited speaker, Australasian HPV&AIDS conference, Sydney, Australia, 25th Sept 2018.
  19. Invited speaker, International Papillomavirus Conference 2018, Sydney, Australia, Oct 2-6th (invited presentation and oral later breaker presentation, plenary chair, session chair)
  20. Invited speaker, WHO workshop on HPV vaccine coverage methodology, Barcelona, November 26-27, 2018
  21. Invited attendee, Cervical screening forum, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland 28th November 2018
  22. Invited speaker, Eurogin 2018, Lisbon, Portugal 2-5thDecember 2018 (session chair and organiser, accepted late breaker oral presentation, invited speaker x2)

Professor Marion Saville

  1. World Health Organisation – Towards elimination of cervical cancer: Working group on monitoring and surveillance, Geneva.  December 2018
  2. National Cervical Pathology Training Service National Training Day- New Zealand
    Speaker: HPV Primary Screening in Australia: How is it all going? Wellington, NZ. 22nd November 2018           
  3. Royal College of Physicians – Ireland
    Speaker: Cervical screening in Australia: Moving forward with HPV screening while remembering the lessons of the past. Dublin, Ireland. 28th November 2018
  4. Women’s Health Annual Professional Update 2018.
    Speaker: Update on Self Collection.  Zoom presentation.  15th November 2018 
  5. Royal Women’s Hospital Workshop, HPV Methods & Surveillance In Women: planning workshop HPV Methods and Surveillance In Women. Melbourne, 12th November 2018
  6. IPVC Meeting Sydney. Speaker: Cervical screening with primary HPV testing or cytology in a population of women offered HPV vaccination: Results from the first phase of Compass. October 2018 
  7. Fifth Leadership Workshop for Cancer Control (CanLEAD) Seoul.
    Speaker:  Optimal prevention of cervical cancer based on HPV vaccination and integration with HPV based screening. Republic of Korea. 12th September 2018
  8. ASC Branch Meeting NSW. Speaker: Renewal The good, the bad…. What we can learn. Sydney, 22nd August 2018
  9. APEC Roundtable On HPV & Cervical Cancer. Speaker: Overcoming barriers to the implementation of cervical screening in APEC economies. Port Morsby, New Guinea, 13th August 2018
  10. Primary Health Network Tasmania. Speaker: Get with the renewed program: Essentials for Cervical Screening, Self Collection and the Compass trial Tasmania, 13th June 2018
  11. Samoa collaboration with Dunedin School of Medicine University of Otago. Speaker: HPV Screening and treatment: changing technologies and new opportunities. Samoa, 29thMay 2018 
  12. Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).  Invited Speaker: “Impact of HPV vaccination on gynaecological cancer prevention and the nonavalent vaccine” Hilton Hotel Brisbane, 5th April 2018.
  13. BioMelbourne Network Event: Devices + Diagnostics Lab “Disruptive Diagnostics”
  14. Invited speaker “Renewal of the National Cervical Screening Program: A Case Study in Technology Driven Disruption”.  VCCC Melbourne, March 27th 2018.
  15. The First International ROSE HPV Conference, Moving Forward with Cervical Cancer Prevention in Malaysia and Beyond.  Invited Speaker “Natural History HPV and Cervical Cancer”, 10th March 2018.
  16. Roche Roadshow USA, Invited Speaker “Cervical Cancer Control: Integrating vaccination and screening in Australia” January 2018

Mr David Wrede

  1. Cervical Cancer Screening – Prevention and Renewal
    Evidence. Ideas. Action. Charting the Course for Precision Prevention and Tailored Screening
    VCCC Symposium, Melbourne April 2018
  2. Cervical Cancer Prevention – Screening for HPV – The New Era
    Immunology Crossroads Conference
    Newcastle, NSW August 2018
  3. HPV Screening and Guidelines for Preventing Cervical Cancer in
    Immuno-compromised Patients
    MS Nurse Summit, Sofitel, Melbourne, October 2018

Dr Megan Smith

  1. Cervical cancer rates in Australia: predicting the declines due to vaccination and screening policy.  Invited oral presentation at EUROGIN 2018. Lisbon, December 2018

Professor Deborah Bateson

 IUSTI Asia Pacific Sexual Health Conference

  1. Cervical screening for transgender men: how does the new Australian cervical screening program serve this population?
  2. Setting up a transgender friendly cervical screening service