The World Health Organisation has called for global action towards the elimination of cervical cancer. C4 brings together the leaders in HPV vaccination and cervical screening whose work has been instrumental in positioning Australia at the forefront of cervical cancer control.

Making a difference

C4 brings together Australia’s leaders in cervical cancer control, in both HPV vaccination and cervical screening, with researchers from Cancer Council NSW, VCS Foundation, Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney, and the University of Melbourne.

The prior work of C4 investigators has underpinned Australia’s major innovations in public health in terms of the successful delivery of HPV vaccination in girls and boys and the implementation of an HPV-based cervical screening program.

How we are making a difference

What We Do

The work of C4, the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Cervical Cancer Control is divided into four streams:

Stream 1 — Cervical Screening

Stream 2 — HPV Methods

Stream 3 — HPV Vaccination Strategies

Stream 4 — Global Health

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